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Mediation Services


Comprehensive Services to Clients

The mediation process is thorough, comprehensive and entirely confidential.

It is based on training standards of the CMC, IMD, CEDR and Phoenix Dispute Resolution. Unlike litigation there are elements of settlement which can and often do go beyond a court decision and determination.  The BASL objective is to find an agreement which provides certainty and satisfaction with value for all parties.

Implementation Planning

The measure of successful mediation

A court settlement is generally a black and white outcome. It leaves one party satisfied and one not. In addition each party will incur significant costs before and after trial.


"The best evidence of the fairness of any settlement is the fact that it fully satisfies neither part"

Winston S. Churchill 1926

Finance Consultancy

The Mediation Service

BASL offers comprehensive mediation services in commercial disputes between parties in conflict. Services include:

- litigation

- contract

- negligence

- tort

- all other commercial disputes

BASL can find the right mediator for your needs

For an initial discussion at no cost please contact BASL by telephone or e mail.

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